March 1, 2024

Title I Comparability

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Title I Comparability Policy

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If a school in the Hartford School District becomes eligible to receive Title I fund the

District shall ensure that the Title I funds are used to supplement local and state funding and not to supplant them.  Accordingly, the District shall use local and state funds to provide comparable non-Title I levels of services, staffing levels, curriculum materials and instructional supplies for both Title I eligible and non-Title I eligible schools. The District shall ensure equivalence among schools in staffing and the provision of curricular materials and instructional supplies. Students in all schools shall be eligible for comparable programs and supplemental supports.


The superintendent or his or her designee shall develop procedures for compliance with this

policy and shall maintain records that are updated biennially documenting the district’s

compliance with this policy. The district shall utilize district-wide salary schedules for professional and nonprofessional staff.



  • Hartford School District has district wide salary schedules for all employees. These schedules are different between the Teaching Staff and the Support Staff. Employees are paid based on experience, education and task assignment. There are no different pay schedules for different sites.
  • Student to Staffing levels for educators, support staff and administrators as well as class size, will be planned during each budget cycle as equivalent as possible and adjusted from year to year.
  • Supplies and materials are planned and purchased at the same cost per student for each site for which this policy applies.
  • Hartford School District has a district wide curriculum managed by a curriculum coordinator. The curriculum plan includes materials and instructional supplies. Accordingly, plans are consistent and equivalent between sites with the same grades.


V.  References

20 USCA §6321(c).

20 USC 7801(26) (LEA defined)

16 v.s.a. 144



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