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Animal Dissection

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Animal Dissection

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I. Purpose of Policy

It is the intent of the Hartford School District to comply with the requirements of Act 154 of 2008 regarding the right of students to be excused from participating in or observing activities involving the dissection or vivisection of animals. 

II. Policy Scope

All schools within the Hartford School District

III. Definitions

“Animal” means any organism of the kingdom animalia and includes an animal’s cadaver or the severed parts of an animal’s cadaver.

“Timely” means adequate notice for students or student’s parent or guardian to object to participation in an exercise involving dissection or vivisection of an animal.


IV. Policy Statement


Students enrolled in District schools shall have the right to be excused from participating in any lesson, exercise or assessment requiring the student to dissect, vivisect or otherwise harm or destroy an animal or any part of an animal, or to observe any of these activities, as part of a course of instruction.


No student shall be discriminated against based on his or her decision to exercise the right to be excused afforded by this policy.


V. Actions


The Principal shall develop and implement procedures to ensure timely notification to each student and to the student’s parent or guardian of the student’s right to be excused from participating in or observing the lesson and and a process by which a student may exercise this right will be established.


A student who is excused under this policy shall be provided with alternative methods through which he or she can learn and be assessed on material required by the course. 


VI.  References

Act 154 of 2007-2008 Adjourned Session

16 V.S.A. §912


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Hartford School District

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HSD School Board 3/13/2013

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