March 1, 2024

Curriculum Development & Coordination

Policy:  Curriculum Development & Coordination

The curricula of the schools in the Hartford School District shall be coordinated to allow students to meet or exceed standards established by the Vermont Frameworks and the school district.   Curriculum plans shall be coordinated between sending and receiving schools within the school district and will be periodically reviewed to determine compatibility with schools outside the school district that are attended by substantial numbers of students residing within the school district.  

The superintendent shall be responsible for the development, coordination, and evaluation the curriculum. The superintendent shall ensure that the curriculum is consistent with the school district mission as approved by the school board.

The superintendent shall conduct systematic evaluations of all programs within the curriculum and report the results to the school board at least annually.  

Adopted:                      August 11, 2009




Legal Reference(s):   16 V.S.A. §261a (1) (Duties of supervisory union boards)

Cross Reference:   Professional Development (D2)

    Educator Supervision and Evaluation: Probationary Teachers (D4)

    Student Assessment (F22)

    Local Action Plan (G8)

    School Community Relations (H1)

    Parental Involvement (H2)