July 18, 2024

Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration Of Students

Policy: Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration Of Students

A goal of the Hartford School District is for each student to progress in his or her educational
program by reaching a standard of achievement necessary to progress from grade to grade. This
policy applies to grade acceleration, retention and promotion in grades K through 8.


Acceleration is the advancement of a student by more than one grade beyond the
current grade level.
Promotion is the single grade step most students take from year to year.
Retention allows a student to repeat all or part of a grade in order to more fully prepare for
the work of the next grade.

Promotion, retention and acceleration decisions will be based on the extent to which a student
is meeting the standards established by the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning
Opportunities as well as other relevant factors, including social, emotional, physical and mental
growth, past academic performance, behavior, motivation, and attendance.


The principal will develop rules to implement this policy that will specify a process for determining
the promotion, retention or acceleration of individual students.

Date Adopted: August 11, 2009
Legal Reference(s): VT State Board of Education Manual of Rules & Practices:
§2120.2.2 (b)
Cross Reference: Student Attendance (F25)