April 20, 2024

Professional Development Procedures

A professional development committee, appointed by the Superintendent, will
recommend a professional development plan that addresses district student
achievement priorities.
After consultation with the professional development and action planning committees,
the Superintendent will design and implement a yearly calendar for professional
development activities.
The Superintendent will work with Principal(s) to:
1. ensure that each professional educator’s Individual Professional Development
Plan (IPDP) is, to the fullest extent practicable, aligned with the school’s action
plan and professional development needs;
2.prepare educators to use assessment to increase student achievement
and improve the effectiveness of the curriculum; and ensure that training in
standards-based instruction is provided, implement a system of mentoring for
professional staff during the first two years of employment and ensure, to the
fullest extend practicable, that all teachers work with the local and regional
standards Boards to establish IPDPs for the licensure period that address district
professional development priorities.