March 1, 2024

Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures

Procedures: Student Conduct
The rules of conduct will be distributed to, and discussed with, all students at the beginning of
each school year in accord with procedures stated in the school discipline plan. Students will
be instructed to share the student handbook with their parents. Copies of the handbook will be
provided to parents or guardians in a manner determined by the principal. The principal may
ask that parents sign a form indicating that they have reviewed the rules of conduct with their
children. When new students enroll during the school year, they and their parents will be given
copies of the rules of conduct as part of the pre-enrollment process.
The principal or his or her designee shall be responsible for carrying out discipline procedures
conforming with the following guidelines.
1. A student may request a meeting with the principal or his or her designee to review
any disciplinary action, other than a suspension or expulsion, affecting the student. If
requested, the Principal or designee shall hold an informal meeting to review the incident
and to hear the views of the student and any other persons who may have information
that the Principal or designee believes to be relevant in the circumstances. The Principal
or designee shall issue a prompt decision to the student, which may be oral or written.
Except as otherwise provided in this policy, the decision of the Principal will be final.
2. Suspension or expulsion of students shall be imposed in accordance with state and
federal law and regulations, due process requirements, and the following rules and
A. The Principal or his or her designee may assign a student to in-school detention
for up to 10 consecutive school days for any infraction of school rules. As
provided in the school's overall discipline plan, students assigned to in-school
detention will be provided with reasonable opportunities to complete academic
assignments and to benefit from counseling or other activities designed to bring
about improvements in their behavior.
B. A student who poses an immediate danger to persons or property or a significant
threat of disrupting the academic process of the school shall be removed
from the school or to a place within the school determined by the Principal,
Superintendent or their designee to be sufficiently secure to ensure the safety
of students and school personnel and the continuation of the academic process.
The Superintendent or Principal or their designee shall notify a parent or
guardian of a student who is removed from school without undue delay. If the
parent, guardian or other responsible person designated as an emergency
contact by the parent or guardian cannot be notified, the student will be detained
at school or at another safe and secure setting for the remainder of the school
C. No student will be removed from school for more than the remainder of a school
day unless the student and his or her parents are given an opportunity for an
informal hearing pursuant to paragraph “D” of this policy. When immediate
removal of a student is necessary prior to a hearing, the hearing shall be held as
soon as possible following the removal.
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D. The superintendent or principal may suspend a student from school for a period
of 10 days or less for misconduct occurring on or off school grounds. Except as
provided in paragraph b above, prior to such a suspension, the student and his
or her parent or guardian shall be given an opportunity for an informal hearing
with the Principal or his or her designee. The student and his or her parent or
guardian must be given notice of the charges, an explanation of the evidence
against the student, an opportunity for the student to tell his or her side of the
story, and a decision in writing to the parent or guardian.
E. The superintendent or principal may, with the approval of the Board and
in accordance with 16 V.S.A. §1162(a), impose a long-term suspension or
expulsion of a student (for longer than ten days and up to 90 school days or the
remainder of the school year, whichever is longer) for misconduct on school
property, on a school bus or at a school-sponsored activity when the misconduct
makes the continued presence of the student harmful to the welfare of the
F. In accord with the overall discipline plan developed under 16 V.S.A. § 1161a,
short-term (ten days or less) or long-term suspension or expulsion may be
imposed for misconduct not on school property, on a school bus or at a school-
sponsored activity where direct harm to the welfare of the school can be
G. Long-term suspension or expulsion must be preceded by notice and formal due
process procedures, including the opportunity for a hearing before the school
board. The superintendent shall notify the student and his or her parents in
writing of the nature of the charges, the date, time and place of the hearing, the
right to legal representation, and the disciplinary action to be recommended to
the board. This notice shall be provided in sufficient time to allow the student
and his or her parents to prepare for the hearing. At the hearing, the student and
parent/guardian shall be given an opportunity to present evidence and to cross-
examine witnesses. The Board shall issue a written decision within ____days of
the conclusion of the hearing.
3. Notwithstanding the above provisions, a legal pupil who has a disability or is suspected
of having a disability, and is eligible for special education services or Section 504
services may be removed from his or her current educational placement for disciplinary
reasons for more than 10 consecutive days, or for more than 10 cumulative days in a
school year only in accordance with Vermont State Board of Education Rules 4313 or
4312. The school Principal, with the agreement of a special education administrator,
may impose short-term disciplinary sanctions on special education students as provided
in Vermont State Board of Education Rule 4313. The Superintendent and coordinator of
special education will develop additional procedures as needed to govern the discipline
of students with disabilities.
In the event a student brings a weapon to school, the procedures set forth in the District’s
Firearms policy shall apply.
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