March 1, 2024

Ends Policies

Ends Policies – Hartford School District
The mission of the Hartford School District is to provide and ensure a caring and
dynamic learning community where the intellectual development of students is our
highest priority
E 0.0 Universal End
Students will graduate from the Hartford School District equipped with a diverse set of knowledge and
skills—achieved through a combination of classroom-based, hands-on and peer-to-peer learning—that will
provide them the foundation to excel in future endeavors.
E 1.0 Academic Excellence
Students will perform at a high level in these crucial areas of academic expertise: reading skills for
information and interpretation; written and verbal communication skills; problem-solving skills based
on mathematical, scientific and social-scientific knowledge demonstrated through application; and skills
developed through broad knowledge of the arts and humanities. Students will participate in and understand
the benefits of collaborative learning.
E 1.1 Technology/Information Skills
Students will be proficient in a variety of technologies in ways that are responsible, are respectful, and
enhance both academic and life skills. Students will be able to critically assess and interpret information,
and to communicate that information to others using appropriate technologies.
E 2.0 Life Skills
Students will demonstrate the ability to develop long-term life goals, to plan for their future, to cooperate with
others, and to live independently within and adapt to an ever-changing world. They will be able to identify
problems and determine the resources and people necessary to help solve them. Students will demonstrate the
qualities essential for succeeding within and outside of the school setting, including integrity, tolerance, self-
motivation and work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and respect for themselves and others.
E 2.1 Health & Well Being
Students will develop personal and social skills and behaviors that will support their physical, emotional
and mental well-being. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how nutrition, exercise and
athletics, creative outlets, self-reflection, and personal relationships contribute to a healthy, well-adjusted
and productive person.
E 3.0 Citizenship
Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how their actions integrate with broader
society, and will participate actively and positively within their school and community. Students will
demonstrate an understanding of citizenship and its essential qualities, including leadership, critical thinking,
self awareness, and respect for multiple viewpoints.
E 3.1 Global Awareness
Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the economic, political, environmental
and cultural changes occurring at the global scale, and how these changes impact their communities.