May 21, 2024

Equity and Inclusion

Anti-Racism Statement

“The School District of the Town of Hartford rejects all forms of racism. Racism in any form will not be tolerated in this school. Hartford Schools are committed to the mission of increasing cultural respect by cultivating greater understanding of concepts of diversity, inclusion, equity, implicit bias, white privilege, white supremacy, and systemic racism.” 

Gender Inclusivity Statement

"The Hartford School District is committed to providing a safe, orderly, civil, and positive learning environment for all students and staff, regardless of perceived or actual gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, and/or sexual orientation. It is the position of the Hartford School District that transgender, non-binary, and intersex individuals deserve the same inclusion and acknowledgement that cisgender individuals receive."

Over 100 Jewish Vermonters signed onto a letter about the importance of teaching Vermont students about Palestine and Israel.  “Teaching students about Palestine and Israel has always been difficult. It requires support, knowledge, guidance and the ability to grow out of old and into new ideas. We write today, to support Vermont and New Hampshire educators in this difficult task. It is an impossible one if educators fear for their livelihoods.” Read the full letter here

The HHS BIPOC Affinity Group visited the OQS Affinity Group on December 18. Representation matters. It's vitally important that younger BIPOC students see older BIPOC students in the Hartford School District and have opportunities to experience joy together. 

HHS BIPOC Affinity Group & OQS Affinity Group - 12.18.23 - p1 HHS BIPOC Affinity Group & OQS Affinity Group - 12.18.23 - p2 HHS BIPOC Affinity Group & OQS Affinity Group - 12.18.23 - p3


Dr. Luvelle Brown, award winning and nationally recognized educator, author, and community leader spoke at the Hartford School District's Staff Opening Event in August.  Dr. Brown is "an experienced educator who has held positions as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, school CIO, and Superintendent of Schools. Currently, Dr. Brown is serving as the Superintendent of the Ithaca City School District (ICSD) in Ithaca, New York. During his tenure in Ithaca, the Ithaca City School District has experienced unprecedented levels of success." Read his full bio on his website, and watch his speech to distract staff here:

Get Involved!

Student Affinity Groups

BIPOC/Global Majority/Multicultural Student Affinity Groups for students who identify as a member of the Global Majority (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, Latinx, Hispanic, biracial and multiracial students) meet weekly at their schools.
Dates & Locations

Student Committees

Student Equity Committees for students who are looking to make a positive change in their schools through equity work. These groups meet weekly at their schools.
Dates & Locations

Summer Camps

Camp Outright is Vermont’s sole residential summer camp with a queer twist! Nestled in the stunning natural beauty of our state, it's a vibrant camp that’s all about queer joy, finding your people, adventure, fun, and community. 

BIPOC Overnight Camp's mission is to bring youth of color into nature and provide opportunities for connection, healing and joy.

Community Events


Beneath Our Skin poster
Beneath Our Skin:  Join our informal online gathering where arts and public health meet! Clemmons Family Farm joyfully invites you to the Beneath Our Skin: COVID 19 Vaccination Storytelling & Art Exhibit Virtual Closing Reception and Presentation, on Zoom on Monday, May 13th at 6PM.

Outright Vermont logo
Queer & Allied Youth Summit: May 18th at Harwood Union High School. Outright Vermont invited all youth 11-19 in Vermont to attend! Join 150+ youth from across the state to connect and celebrate each other, and honor the amazing accomplishments of GSAs, youth organizers, youth-led campaigns, and queer and trans youth.  

BIPOC Spring Social
BIPOC Spring Social: Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business in partnership with Novo Nordisk and the Upper Valley Business Alliance will host the 3rd annual spring gathering of Upper Valley People of Color/BIPOC professionals. This casual meet and greet event is open to all adults [21+] living/working in the upper valley and want to network with people of color in the area. Please register via this link:


Vermont Narratives for Change
Vermont Narratives for Change: A powerful storytelling project that aims to shed light on experiences with harassment, hazing, and bullying in schools. 


Light In Gaza
An online Reading Group on Palestine