July 18, 2024

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DBS - Rebecca Wood
OQS - Cheryl French
WRS - Sara Cooney
HMMS - Deb Wagar
HHS - Lorena Burnett
HACTC - Abby Cook

Infinite Campus Support

Infinite Campus is the student information system that we use in the Hartford School District. Within Infinite Campus (IC) we manage student grades, attendance, family contact information, food services, athletic registrations, and more! It is a complex system that is powerful, but also sometimes a little tricky to use. To that end, we put together a series of How-To guides to help students and families successfully and confidently navigate Infinite Campus.  


Enrolling in the District

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Updating Contact Information

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Food Services

Viewing Grades and Report Cards

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Registering for Athletic Programs

Uploading Documents

Staff Training [requires a staff login]